Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pantai Jakat,Bengkulu,Indonesia

Jakat beach is a lot of tourist interest to young and old tourists, because of the high spot of the hill. Is a beach with a slope from 0 to 1.5 meters at low tide and up. To achieve a liaison ladders, Jakat Coast we can enjoy the natural scenery is stunning while the sun sank towards the natural ambiance is quite romantic. Located in the center of town and can be reached by various types of transportation. This beach is usually always crowded communities visited every Sunday afternoon.


Membuat sebuah blog yang bagus said...

Keep posting,
tunjukan wajah indonesia kepada dunia

Franco said...

wow.. bengkulu is my hometown... keep posting sob :D

My Blog is Pure Indonesia About Beautiful Indonesia said...

thanks for the support...kita harus bangga sama indonesia...karena tempat pariwisatanya gak kalah bagus sama luar negeri....

Ada yang ingin anda cari ...? pakai ini...!!

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