Monday, February 15, 2010

Masjid Nur Sulaiman,Banyumas,Central Java,Indonesia

Banyumas Sulaiman Nur Mosque, built in 1755 during the reign of Duke Banyumas Yoedanegara II and diarsiteki by Mr. Nur Gumelem I Daiman Demat Penghulu Mosque as well as the first. As the concept of the layout of the building during the reign of the kingdom in Java, the position of the mosque is always on the west side of the square as a symbol of goodness, lies adjacent to the prison as a symbol of evil in the east of the square.
In the administration of this mosque is in the Village area Sudagaran, Banyumas district approximately 25 km from the city Purwokerto.Karena no definitive written source, according to spokesman Maintain narrative Heritage Objects Nur Mosque Djoni father Sulaiman M. Faried, Nur Sulaiman's name comes from the name of Nur Daiman.
Sulaiman Nur mosque is built above an area of 4950 m2 of land,
The main room: 22 x 15.5 m, building height: 14.5 m, Room foyer: 11 x 22 m, mihrab Space: 4 x 2.2 m, height 5.9 m. Pulpit: 2.2 x 1.2m duwure 1.67 m. Maksura: 2.3 x 2.3 m
Masjid Nur Sulaiman has special characteristics and uniqueness, among others;
· Squares Plan
·'s Porch
· High Batur
· Main door to the east
· Pulpit shaped stretcher
· There Maksura (where a special prayer ruler)
· Mihrab (the priest) is equipped with 2 stacking tajug crown shaped like a mace.
· 4 main pillars (pillars of)
· 12 pillars supporting (pengarak Saka)

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