Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sentani Lake,Papua,Indonesia

Looking at Lake Sentani from the Mount Cyclops, Jayapura

If you have a chance to go to the capital Jayapura Papua is one of the cities that deserve your visit. Jayapura is the capital city of the Central Government from various social, political, and cultural development. Jayapura city is geographically located in the northern part of Papua province, precisely at 1 ° 28'26 "- 36 ° 58'82" S and 137 ° 24'10 "- 141 ° 0'10" BT. The topography is unique, where the center of the circular follows the coastline and the city streets that go up and down combing lerang hill-slopes. Can imagine the beauty of this city.
When you visit the city of Jayapura then you should not forget to visit the beautiful lake there, the lake of Sentani. Lake Sentani is a natural lake with islands are hilly in the middle of the lake. Size is 3.63 hectare lake with a height of 75 m above sea level. At this location there is a beautiful natural landscape with a few places equipped fishing huts shaped stage. You can find fish that are still fresh in this lake.
But there are also other tourist places of particular interest to your visit, which is a hill there is an important historical relic, the General Mc Arthur's castle. Hill known as the Cyclops hill is located 15 minutes from the airport. So sloping hill and shady because there are lots of big green trees very beautiful. From this hill you can get a view of magnificent Lake Sentani.

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