Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Taman Wisata Punti Kayu,Palembang,South Sumatera,Indonesia

Rows of pine trees greet visitors to the Park location in Jalan Kayu Punti Colonel Barlian, Palembang, South Sumatra. Punti Kayu is now no longer the only family tourist sites in the city of Palembang.
However, theme parks with an area of about 12 hectares can be used as a place to simply refresh body and soul on a weekend or holiday. In the park is managed by the Forestry Service of South Sumatra province, the kids can ride elephants, bathing in the pool, saw a mini zoo, a museum of fauna, or just sit around in the pine trees.

Punti Kayu extent of the area did provide many choices for visitors. It is available in two suspension bridges impassable visitors to the site will be selected.

Like most other visitors, also visited this location with recreation purposes. For himself and family, as well as other visitors, Punti Kayu is a nice area to be turned into recreation.
Punti Kayu long-established fact. According to a counter clerk entered, Punti Kayu been around since about 30 years ago. The number of visitors to the region's natural attractions are not too many when compared to the population of Palembang City is now 1.6 million people.

Not many visitors who come to this Punti Kayu probably due to limited recreational facilities in the city forest.

Visitors who come with families usually bring food. They can enjoy lunch with a mat spread under the cool trees. Meanwhile, for visitors who do not bring food, available number of stalls in this tourist complex.
To enter, each visitor tickets subject plus USD 2000 and USD 3,000 for a car and Rp 2,000 for motorcycles. Visitors can also go by boat to pay the ticket USD 3000 per person in a dirty lake in the region. Children visitors can also enjoy the swimming pool by buying a ticket in USD 2,000 per person.
Visitors also can see the kinds of fish giant 17-year-old with a length of 2.3 meters and weighing 80 kg. This fish is placed in a pond. With the money reached USD 3000 per person for tickets, other than seeing a giant fish, visitors can also see the museum contains fauna animals that have been dried.
In other sections, with back pocket contents reached a value of Rp 3,000 per person, guests are also treated to the animals rare. Among other things, estuarine crocodile, orangutans, leopards, deer, chicken kate, and python. For those who want to test the mental, also provided riding horse. Simply pay USD 5000 to around one-way Punti wood.

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