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Tagor Waterfalls,Fak Fak,Papua,Indonesia

Mambuni-buni is the name of a village that is located far from the city Fakfak, namely in the District Coke Fak-fak, Papua. As for the link between these villages with other villages and the capital is the transportation by land. Geographical location that is owned hilly / mountainous roads built to make any visible tortuous, sometimes down, some even climbing on the cliff side. There are roads that have been well on the asphalt some are already broken or split the asphalt resulting from road construction are only crudely.
Transportation used from Fak-fak to Mambunibuni is a taxi or microbus (TS125) and takes about 4 hours drive. Starting from the terminal and will run Tambaruni and through several other villages. Last kampung before entering into the village area is a village mambuni buni Pik-Pik. From the village in Pikpik exactly Bawangrohi, will lay the most amazing scenery of the landscape below. Villages appear in the coastal dunes, to view the open sea. Often there are ships passing offshore can be viewed from that place, when the night lights visible vessel.
From bawangrohi road not yet on the asphalt mambunibuni well still be the alias of gravel expanse. Jalam declined to make the heart a bit of anxiety etc.. Approximately 6 km distance between the village and Pikpik-buni Mambuni. Because the road was down so no case had reached the shore Mambunibuni village.
The residential population is not well organized so do not be mistaken that the village is the beach. Ward position precisely located approximately 1.5 km from the coast. Mambunibuni beach there is a traditional market that still use barter system and open only on Saturday morning. Then an elementary school building Christian Education Foundation recently built and several houses teachers.

JOURNEY TO Tagor Waterfall

Are still many people who do not know about the existence of these Tagor waterfall. About a year there 1990_an foreign tourists who often come and ask local residents to drive them into the waterfall. But in the year 2000 until now very rare there is not even at all.
There are several roads that can be used to go to the waterfall, among others, through the edge of time, or via the former timber company. The road marks the company has now become the bushes making it difficult to use four-wheeled vehicles. The distance to the waterfall road Tagor if the company is approximately 27 km. If the path times the distance more quickly about 6 hours drive. For those not accustomed to walking on the stone will feel tired and feel lazy way in which place relaxing seat. The road through the outskirts of times sometimes have to jump because the big rocks in these times. Sometimes have to wet-wet crossing times. From the edge this time precisely we will get to the waterfall Tagor.
According to the story in the village community Mambunibuni, used to determine the height of the waterfall; ancestors or our ancestors wrapped yam (Keladi) with the leaves. At first packet for an adult hand. Kept wrapped in leaves in the margins and keep wrapped up for a bundle wrapped in a pillow. Then bundle it up under the waterfall and let the drift and fall followed terjunan water. After the bundle was dropped following the terjunan water; they check these bundles under water terjunan; whether the bundle is still intact or has been blown to bits. Because the height and rotation terjunan water and the resulting bundle of shattered then drawn a conclusion that the waterfall is very high and dangerous.

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