Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cagar Alam Nusa Barong,Jember,East Java,Indonesia

Nusa Barong Nature Reserve is one of nature reserves with the main function as an area preserving plant and animal diversity and ecosystem (Law No. 5 in 1990, the Natural Resources Conservation biodiversity and ecosystem). Where the nature reserve can be activities for the purposes of research and development of science, education and other activities that support the development of education and knowledge.

At first the island of Nusa Barong is only known to a place that has a wealth of marine (sea grass and several species of fish export quality), and defined as the area of nature reserve on the basis of the decree the Dutch East Indies General Gebernur No. 46 Gazette. No. 736 dated October 9, 1920, has an area of 6100 ha. designated as a nature reserve because it has a botanical and geological potential. The island is located in Puger Subdistrict, Jember Regency. The potential diversity of flora and fauna of this natural terapat dicagar is suatau treasures with conservation value high enough besides aesthetic value.

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