Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sukawati Art Market,Bali,Indonesia

Sukawati market is a market that is very popular in Bali. Because of this market sells casual clothing at very crooked.
Sukawati market provides such clothes typical batik bali, bali than typical batik is also available a variety of clothes and shorts prices that will fit on the beach used. And also there are some patterned shirt Bali. All items here can be negotiable, and as tipsnya could cost one-third of the first price offered by the seller
And to launch an offer, should come into this market when the morning around 8-10 because the seller had just finished their prayers and their menggap if sales are successful in the morning would bring kelarisan for the next hour.
In addition to cheap clothes, in this market is also famous for its art objects like paintings of various paintings. Also there are various models bags.
And before heading Sukawati market, should visit the Silver Celuk Kerajina Center. In this Celuk silverware we can buy different kinds of handicrafts made of silver. And other advantages, here we can also see directly how the craftsmen make these silver

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