Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Place of exile and banishment of Sam Ratulangi,Papua,Indonesia

When we crossed Serui downtown, then we will have a monument to the history of Sam Ratulangi exile when the pre independence of the Republic of Indonesia.
Dr. Saul Samuel Yacob Gerungan Ratulangi or Sam Ratulangi, birth date 5 November 1890, is a son from Manado, the first doctorate in mathematics, also a politician Minahasa. He is known as multidimensional fighter with a strong philosophy "The timou tumou tou tou" the man can be called human beings if it is able to humanize humans.
Many thoughts that give large contributions to the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, several thoughts stated in his book on the Pacific Indonesia (1937), and Dr. Sam Ratulangi published weekly political magazine Nationale Commentaren from 1938 until 1942.
Even during his exile in the Dutch captured and disposed of with friends also family in 1946-1949, he and his friends founded a school for local residents, and by society Serui referred to as "Gentlemen Merdeka". We have made the house Yapen Waropen State Museum, located in downtown Serui.

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