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Makam Rato Ebu,Madura,East Java,Indonesia

Rato's tomb is located within the complex Ebu Paserean "Aer Mata", located 25 km north of Jakarta, precisely in the village district Buduran AROSBAYA Bangkalan District. Ebu Rato tomb is the tomb of a noble woman named Syarifah Ambami. According to historical documents, states that are descendants Ambami Syarifah Giri Gresik to 5. He dipersunting by Prince Tjakraningrat I which is also adopted by Sultan Agung of Mataram. It is said that since the War of Mataram in 1624, Madura controlled by Sultan Agung. Then he wanted to Prince Madura Tjakraningrat I ordered a whole. The king was carried out with full responsibility.
Although Madura became territory, but instead Tjakraningrat Prince rarely stay in Sampang. Moreover, the king of Mataram, Sultan Agung, still need energy to lead the kingdom in the land of Prince Tjakraningrat Java so I often stay in the kingdom of Java. Naturally, if the Queen Syarifah more lives in the Kingdom Sampang alone without a beloved husband. But the Queen Syarifah is a female figure who devout and obedient to all her husband's orders. So to fill empty time, Queen Syarifah more popularly known as the Queen Mother spent more time to meditate on a hill in the village of District Buduran AROSBAYA.
In the legendary history of Madura Tripe told, that during the retreat, the Queen Mother Syarifah always ask Allah SWT. to descendants of men who could later become the top pemerinytahan in Madura. He hoped that the leadership of the Government held until seven generations. Curiously in the legend was also told that one day in retreat, the Queen Mother met with the Prophet Syarifah U.S. Khidlir. In a meeting that's just a moment, it seemed like all requests will be granted the Queen Mother.
Feeling his retreat was enough, then the Queen Mother Syarifah returned to the Palace Sampang. Not after a while, her husband of Paneran Tjakraningrat I come from serving in the Kingdom Mataram.sebagai loyal wife, Queen Syarifah course welcome him gladly. He even told him what had happened during the meditation site, including a tip that the petition in order derivatives led government later granted in Madura also told the runtun.
Hearing narrative Syarifah Queen, Prince Tjakraningrat I was angry, he was very disappointed with his statement. Instead Prince Tjakraningrat I asked angrily, "Why are you just begging for seven generations, our descendants should ever have to govern in Madura!", Retorted the Prince to the Queen Tjakraningrat I Syarifah. Women Itupun just bowed his head.
After the death of her husband's duty to Mataram, the Queen returned to the village Syarifah Buduran to be imprisoned. In the Queen Mother's retreat begged her husband's desire to make all of his descendants can become leaders in the Government of the Queen Mother Madura.all day  pleading to Allah SWT. to hope he could be granted, she begged, still crying. This was done to death in the hermitage, in a state of crying. Hermitage place the Queen Mother's funeral. That is why, the tomb is known as the Tomb of Queen Mother or Aer Mata. Eye Aer Dikompleks Pasarean also been buried kings of Madura, was the ancient buildings with high-value arsitetkur shades that attract the attention of foreign and domestic tourists. No less interesting than the architectural splendor of Borobudur temple in Java or another.
It is said that according to historical legend mentioned, that the construction of the building was standing in the nineteenth century to the 15th or the 16th in order, without any means of cement paste. Start from the headstone, grave framework, all beautifully carved stone-like white marble taken from locations around the tomb. One of the grave caretaker, said that the pilgrims who came from year to year there is an increase. Strangely, although many pilgrims who came forth, but it remains pasarean complex was clean and seemed well maintained.
Outstanding beauty and high artistic value lies in three "Dome" main tomb measuring 40 x 20, the tomb of Queen Mother Syarifah Ambami, Tjakraningrat Panembahan Tjakraningrat II and III. So is "Dome" at the tomb of Panembahan Tjakraningrat V, VI and VII mentioned Tjakradiningrat title I. So when the scarcity of natural and artistic beauty and architectural value in the eyes Aer Pasarean government concern, then in 1975 the compound eyes Pasarean Aer included in the contest and exhibition of heritage architecture art Asian Antiquities was represented Indonesia. The result got the highest score.
Since then Pasarean Aer Mata Bangkalan district known not only domestic tourists, but foreign tourists to arrive, but tourists, as well as the science disciplines such as archeology, anthropology and history, they come from within and abroad, making eye Aer Pasarean complex as scientific research . Be interesting to research material, because the art style of architecture and sculpture in Aer Mata has characteristic blend of Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic.
Aer Pasarean eyes in 1970 was then in danger of collapse. Among the three main Dome as a buffer fragile, some "peak" (decorative fence) a lot of falling around the complex, because it is not maintained. So in 1978, MOEC Kasi Bangkalan then occupied by Mrs.. Siyanto days to report on the condition of historic sites in Bangkalan the central government. Apparently the report was a major concern that restoration was carried out in 1979 and 1987 and was inaugurated by Education Minister Prof. Dr. Fuad Hasan.

There are five cupola is restored, among others:

Cone I
There are 20 tombs including the tomb of Queen Mother Syarifah Ambami.

Dome II
There are 46 tombs, including the tomb of Prince Tjakraningrat II and IV.

Dome III
There are 24 tombs including the tomb of Panembahan Tjakra Adingrat I, PPA Tjakraningrat (Wali Negoro), and RA. Moh. Tjakraningrat Roslan who died on December 23, 1976.

Dome IV
There are 11 graves makamdiantaranya Tumenggung Mloyo
Cone V
There are 10 tombs and the tombs of two of them are Colonel Suryo Mas Ayu Adiningrat and Aminah.

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