Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ritual Rewanda from Semarang,Central Java,Indonesia

Ritual Rewanda held every year on 3 syawal by citizens of District Kampung Kacang Kandri Copenhagen GunungPati District. This event begins the carnival of the courtyard of the mosque of Al. Mabrur Kreo to Goa. Arak - Carnival procession consisting of Manggoloydo, Pembwa Banner, Bannerman Bearer - Banner 4 colors (red, white, yellow, black), manggar flower, teak bearers, the students, offering cone bearers, pager ayu, pagers good and the dancers gado-gado Semarang. Until the Goa page Kreo held cone delivery offerings undertaken by the caretaker to rewanda both the living and the dead (ancestors / spirits), and the students rose to the top for tahlil and pray with the Lord memhon kepda YME to its employees, masyrakat Talon nuts, and visitors are blessed with safety, longevity and good fortune are good.

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