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Pantai Bandengan,Jepara,Central Java,Indonesia

History Bandengan Beach

According to the story from generation to generation, the name Beach Bandengan first given by the son of Sunan Muria Amir Hasan will now travel to develop the science of religion Karimun Jawa. When he reached the beach, they found that many Milkfish area called the Village Bandengan. Beach in the village was eventually called Bandengan beach.
On this beach is also a favorite place to start a National Hero of women's emancipation RA Kartini who is the daughter of the regent of Jepara at the time. R.A. Kartini frequent trips to the beach with the Dutch nobility in those days.
White Sand Beach lush

You can enjoy the panorama of clear beaches and white sand. In addition, you can also enjoy the pandanus trees shrubs or trees along the coast of Jepara Bandengan Beach or also known as Ocean Beach Tirta. Bandengan beach has a gently sloping coastal structures and the water clear and clean. Therefore, this beach is perfect for a beach resort such as swimming, playing beach volleyball, boating, or just biking on the beach.
In addition, the condition of the north coast of Java are relatively calm making it relatively safe beach to enjoy the game on the edge of the sea or swimming. Even when you dip into the clear sea water, you can see the little fish are running at the bottom of the sea water.
Bandengan beach often visited because of the unique natural atmosphere. You can find the atmosphere of white sand beach wide. Then you too can enjoy the beauty of the clear sea water. And that interest is a lush expanse of trees and green around the beach. Of course this makes the atmosphere at the Beach Bandengan so cool and comfortable. The beauty of the beach here can rival the beauty of the beaches in Bali.
You can also visit the island in the middle of the sea from the beach Bandengan. The island that you can visit from here that Long Island. On this island you can see the beautiful natural wealth of flora and fauna of interest. You can visit this island with a relatively low cost. You also can wander along the beach to rent a boat or ship that is ready take you around the beach while enjoying the natural beauty of Bandengan Beach.
Sunset on the Beach Bandengan Jepara
After enjoying a variety of fun games at the Beach Bandengan until late afternoon, it's time you enjoyed a stunning performance at this beach. This is an amazing show of nature, namely the process or sunset sunset. You can admire the beauty of the sun on the way stops in the evening. The reflected light is dimming the sun visible in the sea water with the calm waves in this Bandengan Coast. Moments like this are often perpetuated by the photographer who happened to stop by the Beach Bandengan Jepara.
You can also enjoy panoramic sunset or sunset while enjoying food is served in restaurants in Beach Bandengan lips. One of the famous restaurant in this beach is Sunset Beach Restaurant, founded by Italian citizens who have a local wife. The restaurant is often visited by foreign tourists. You can enjoy a pizza that is typical Italian food, seafood and Indonesian cuisine while enjoying the beautiful panorama sunset and hear the waves on the seashore. If you eat at one restaurant on the beach Bandengan, then you can go for free to Bandengan Beach attractions.
If you're tired and want to rest, at the beach are also offered Bandengan villa or accommodation can be rented. After resting for the night, in the morning you can enjoy the sunrise panorama serving in Bandengan Beach.
Beach Sightseeing Bandengan not difficult to visit. JESNA has been providing good roads and easy transportation to attractions Bandengan Beach. So, if you're in Central Java, it would not hurt you come to Jepara. As he saw the beauty of typical Jepara carving, you can also stop by the flagship attractions that JESNA Bandengan Beach or also known as Ocean Beach Tirta.

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