Monday, February 8, 2010

Pantai Kolbano,Kupang,NTT,Indonesia

For most tourists visiting the coastal area filled with white sand or black sand is a common thing that we can see, but what about the coastal expanse filled with colorful stones that are beautiful and unique, it could be a new scene for you. This you can see and feel the only beach along the coast Kolbano.

Kolbano Coast Village is located in Kolbano, Kolbano District, South Central Timor (TTS), East Nusa Tenggara Province. Kolbano Village area of 17 km2. Kolbano beach famous for its stone color and local residents have used since 1971.
Stone colors in this Kolbano Beach coast, has a wide variety of shapes and colors. There are red, green, yellow, black, patterned stone even exists. There is also a stone that has three colors (red, black and cream).

Kolbano beach beauty can be enjoyed by both tourists coming from the area around East Nusa Tenggara and various other areas. If you live in Jakarta, then you can use a Mandala Airlines plane, Sriwijaya Airlines, Batavia Airlines or Merpati Airlines with the aim of Kupang taken for ± 6 hours.

Arriving in the city of Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, there are 2 (two) options that you can do: You can spend 1 (one) night in Kupang, or you can directly go on to the beach Kolbano (depending on time available). If you want to continue the journey to the Coast Kolbano, then you can use the travel services department or the city bus with Kolbano pay for Rp.60.000, -. But it is recommended that you go on Pk. 06.00 WITA, because the bus leaving from the bus terminal Kupang is only one-way trip and the trip to the beach from Kupang Kolbano taken for ± 6 hours.

If you've arrived at the beach kolbano, you can search for home hospice residents with rental system, or you can stay in the government Mess TTS is already available.

So ...... how ???..... Ready to experience a new adventure for the experience ...???, see stone colors along the coast Kolbano is a rare phenomenon in any part of the world. Enjoy the wonderful journey that you will never forget in your life.


Anonymous said...

Now you can go to kupang from jakarta via denpasar by Garuda Indonesia departure from cengkareng at 7:30 AM

Usep Suryana said...

This beautiful beach

Ada yang ingin anda cari ...? pakai ini...!!

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