Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gedung Agung,Yogyakarta,Central Java,Indonesia

Yogyakarta's palace known as the Great House is located in the center of the city, precisely at the southern end of Jalan Ahmad Yani formerly known as Jalan Malioboro, the heart of the capital city of Yogyakarta Special Region. Regions palace located in Kelurahan Ngupasan, Gondomanan District, City of Yogyakarta, and an altitude of 120 m above sea level. This palace complex occupies an area of 43,585 m². The main building of this palace complex built in May 1824, hosted by Anthony Hendriks Smissaerat, Resident of Yogyakarta to 18 (1823-1825) which calls for "palace" is authoritative for the resident-Dutch residents, while the architect is A. Payen. Because of the Java War or the Java War (1825-1830) had delayed construction. Development is continued after the war ended which was completed in 1832. On June 10, 1867, the official residence of the Dutch resident collapsed in the earthquake. New building was erected and completed in 1869. The building is at the main building complex of the Presidential Palace of Yogyakarta which is now called the State House. On December 19, 1927, the administrative status of Yogyakarta as the residency area increased to a province where the Governor became the supreme ruler. Thus the main building became the residence of the Dutch governor in Yogyakarta to the entry of Japan. On January 6, 1946, "City of Gudeg" became the new capital of the Republic of Indonesia which is still young and the palace was transformed into the Presidential Palace, residence of President Sukarno and his family, while Vice President Mohammad Hatta lived in the building now occupied by 072/Pamungkas military region. Since the Presidential Palace of Yogyakarta to witness such an important event as the inauguration of General Sudirman TNI Commander in Chief on June 3, 1947 and as the top leadership of the Republic of Indonesia army on July 3, 1947. On December 19, 1948, Yogyakarta was attacked by a Dutch army under the leadership of General Spoor, President, Vice President and other nobles exiled to the outside of Java and returned to the Palace of Yogyakarta on July 6, 1949. Since December 28, 1949, by the migration of the President to Jakarta, this palace is no longer a place to live day-to-day President. Yogyakarta Palace or the Great House, as well as other presidential palace that is the office and official residence of President of the Republic of Indonesia. In addition, as a place to accept or spend the state guests. Since August 17, 1991, the palace was used as a place to commemorate Seconds Proclamation of Independence for the Special Region of Yogyakarta and the implementation of the Twilight Parade each 17 that began 17 April 1988. Yogyakarta Palace consists of six main buildings of the Great House (main building), State House, Wisma Indraphrasta, Wisma Sawojajar, Mansion House Bumiretawu and Saptapratala. The main building was completed in 1869 to the present form had not changed. The main room is called the Garuda Room serves as the official room for greeting guests or visitors of the other great. In addition to the homestead, homestead since 20 September 1995 Sono Arts complex area of 5600 square meters, located in the south, which originally belonged to the Ministry of Information, to be part of this Presidential Palace. The entrance to the Great House with its stone sculpture In front of the main building, in the courtyard, there is a stone monument as high as 3.5 meters andesite called Dagoba, which comes from Cupuwulatu village, near the Prambanan Temple.

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