Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pantai Pasri Puncu dan Ketawang,Purworejo,Central Java,Indonesia

Twenty-two kilometers from the town of Purworejo or eleven miles from the city district to the south Kutoarjo, precisely in the District Hardjobinangun and Ketawang Grabag, we can enjoy the marine tourism and Sand Beach Ketawang Puncu. This area has its own fascination with the South Sea beach panorama of interesting and attractive. Travel to the region really charming. Kutoarjo town, along the way tourists can watch a variety of natural beauty and uniqueness of paddy field Purworejo on either side of the road and a series of Menjangan Geger Mountains amazing. The journey will seem shorter because all the way to tour the area planted with different types of shade trees such as Java and Mahogany acid. Coolness is like giving a new sense that no tourists have been felt through the gate of the coastal tourist area. At this gate tourists will total with two sandy road, where the road left into Puncu sand beach and Beach Road to right Ketawang with respective distances are still approximately 2 kilometers and 1.5 kilometers. The situation along the two roads are almost the same; on the left - the right way in the form of plantations neatly. Neither the beauty of the beach. South Coast with a beautiful beach break big wave of white foam. Puncu sand beach is a rare privilege available elsewhere. This place is the estuary of times Bamboo Shoots, Kedungmacasan and Kali Kali Pedegolan. Third times a berbapu merged into one mouth of what became known as jali river creates a charm that is pretty rare. This condition is even more beautiful when the rolling waves greet kepantai river water. A combination of colored river water turbid with sea water produces blue beautiful scenery. Another interesting bids can be enjoyed by tourists on the beach beside the Puncu Sand beach is a tourist beauty water with outboard boat at the mouth of the river Jali. On the beach sand and Puncu Ketawang, denganleluasa tourists can see how beautiful the sunset on the western horizon. To reach the tourist areas and beach sand Puncu Ketawang, tourists can use private cars, mini buses (Purnomo, Langgeng, etc.) or use a carriage that is always ready to serve every need. Conditions have paved the way, except for 1.5 to 2 miles before the object. Both these beaches can be also achieved through Purwodadi District, about 12 kilometers from the City of Purworejo. If this line is to be taken, then the tourists can stop first at the tourist attraction Jatimalang Indah Beach defeated yangt idak pull Puncu Sand Beach and Ketawang. Pantai Indah Jatimalang is in the District Purwodadi, Purworejo.

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