Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tradisi Makan Bangkai Sapi

Believe or not. However, this is reality. Apparently, eating dead beef has become a tradition for people in the region of South Central Timor (TTS), East Nusa Tenggara, which has lasted down through the generations. For those who would violate a "curse" and for those who follow will reap a blessing. Although it was an unspoken belief, traditions die eating beef as if it had become mandatory for owners of cattle when the cattle business do not want that effort forward will fail. In fact, for those who do not eat meat, is considered sinful, dead cows had considered providing sustenance for the family farmer. At first glance, this seems simple fact. But it really happened. Rational and irrational reasons for eating dead beef is not an issue important to citizens. After all, they repeatedly eat dead meat though no casualties have been poisoned, and some even to death. If you do not eat bad luck for its owner. Nevertheless, to eat the flesh of dead cows should see no sign of a cow in your body. "If there is a hole in the mouth dipantat or snakebite ln, meaning it should not be eaten," said Kase. However, the facts on the ground speak another. Traditions and beliefs of parents in mind dipatrikan TTS society can not be broken with a rational reason for the government. The government may say eating dead carcasses of beef could cause health problems, even death. However, for those who throw away beef was maintained for many years led to a deep down empatyh citizens. Remorse and guilt will resonate in the minds of citizens if they are not eating beef after the pains they take care of for years. Not only that, the trust if you do not eat the dead carcasses of beef will bring adverse effects to the memelihar cattle rancher. This belief is still so strong in the middle of society. Belief that its strength increased when parents show evidence of residents who had to break it. The strength of "trust" in the midst of the people is what makes the tradition of eating beef carcass still happening today. For the government as an institution that became a model community that has an obligation to break the trust and mensosialisasi right thing to the public. Trust is manifested in the form of the upstream tradition of food poisoning cases in TTS carcass meat. Two cases of food poisoning last meat carcass, the government managed to handle the downstream of food poisoning victims beef carcass can be saved.

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