Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pasar Semawis,Semarang,Central Java,Indonesia

Semawis market, also known as Waroeng Semawis, is the night market in Kota Semarang's Chinatown. This market was originally the idea of the association Coffee Semawis (Chinatown Community Semarang for Tourism). The market started with the holding Semawis Lunar Semawis market in 2004, following the Lunar New Year diresmikannya as a National Holiday in Indonesia. Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights along the way Gang Warung, Chinatown - Semarang, Semawis market presents a wide range of dishes that you can choose a family from Semarang typical plenet bananas, rice, chicken, ice puter, pancakes, various kebabs, pulp nuts to the menu - the menu is interesting steamboat to taste. Longest hawker center in Semarang is open from 6 pm to midnight. The market is located on the street Semawis Gang Warung, to how to get there, there are several roads to choose from. Plampitan > Kranggan > parkir di jalan Beteng." From the road Gajahmada, can be entered through the streets of West Wotgandul> Plampitan> Kranggan> Beteng street parking. Gajah Mada from the road can also go directly to the street through the intersection Kranggan Depok. parkir di jalan Gang Pinggir." onmouseout. Another route is through the market or Jurnatan Johar, entered by way Pekojan> parked in the street Gang Pinggir. Every weekend night when Waroeng Semawis held, some streets in Chinatown closed one end, the road Besen Gang, Middle Lane, Gambiran, Gang Gang Rear and Top. The road - the road can be used for parking vehicles Semawis Market visitors.

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