Friday, November 27, 2009

Pemandian Langenharja,Sukoharjo,Central Java,Indonesia


Once satisfied with enjoying the beauty of Solo Baru, moved toward the east by paved road, tourists will arrive at the former rest house Paku Buwana X, a distance of approximately 3 kilometers from New Solo. Pesanggrahan Paku Buwana X, a distance of 3 kilometers from kuranglebih New Solo. Pakubuwono Pesanggrahan X seama now certainly not like hundreds of years ago. Now he is like a monimen keep secrets and mysteries about him and once told his neighbors wisatawa period lalnya, about people and everything. Former pesanggrahan Buwana X Paku until now still surrounded by high walls, there are many banyan trees standing memayunginya. Many tourists visit yangdatang with diverse needs, there came just want to see places of historical and famous in his time, and some even wanted treatment. Because in addition Pesanggrahan have a well that produces hot water because it contains only sulfur and manganese. This is a legacy wells Paku Buwana I was a witness to history tempo first. Langerharjaanamanya bathhouse, which is equipped with bathtub and shower and tub for a hot bath. According to the beliefs surrounding communities, with a hot water bath will remove some skin diseases.

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