Friday, November 27, 2009

Museum GBKP,North Sumatera,Indonesia

Background and history Thought GBKP museum establishment was born in planning the celebration of 100 years GBKP Jubelium, warning the entry of the gospel to the people of Karo dated 18 April 1890 until 18 April 1990. Since 1990 the museum's building is in the middle GBKP complex GBKP Jubelium Park. GBKP museum built to preserve historical materials and documents the introduction and development of Christianity in the middle of Karo. The museum was built GBKP retreat center location Jubelium Park tahunh GBKP 100. Laying the first stone took place on July 30, 1990 in conjunction with the opening-ceremony 100 years Jubelium Park GBKP. In the early completion of construction of the museum building (in 1990) is used as a means of supporting the activities GBKP retreat center. In 2003 the museum held the transfer of the management retreat center bureau chief GBKP to museums, libraries, and cultural Karo. On 31 March 2007 GBKP museum building is equipped with infrastructure facilities and cultural arrangement of Karo and materials GBKP historical documents. GBKP the opening and inauguration was held on August 11, 2007 by the Governor of North Sumatra Rudolf Pardede. Museum Location GBKP Jubelium Park Complex Jalan Jamin Ginting Km. 45 Sukamakmur Kelurahan Sukamakmur Sub Sibolangit Deli Serdang North Sumatra Tel. 0628.97269 Location Map Transportation From Polonia Airport to the museum 45 km From the Port of Belawan to the museum the sea 60 km Sandpaper bus from the terminal to the museum 45 km From Railway station to the museum 45 km Schedule visit Wednesday - Monday: At 10:00 to 16:00 pm Tuesday: Closed Ticket Price Sign Note: Not free of charge, provided the offering box and suggestions for those who want to contribute. Facilities Permanent exhibition space Temporary exhibition space (no) Auditorium (no) Space Library Laboratory Space / Conservation (none) Collection storage space (no) Space Repair / Preparation (none) Audiovisual Room (no) Toilet Space Administration

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