Thursday, November 26, 2009

Telaga Menjer,Wonosobo,Central Java,Indonesia

In the field of tourism, natural factors are the basis of capital that can enable the flow of tourists to move from one place to another. Tourists encouraged to leave their places and a lot of money due to their desire to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of nature in addition to objects of other attractions. In this context, the Wonosobo regency has a lot of good natural potential which is still original and who have been touched and modified by human hands. Beautiful natural scenery is indeed a special attraction for tourists. Their arrival for the tour in a particular attractions, whether it be a tourist beaches, forests, temples or the types of other attractions, always interspersed with a desire to see up close the natural state of a region. One of the attractions that have natural conditions that are unique and attractive Menjer Lake. This tourism object is located 12 kilometers north of Wonosobo city and tourist area adjacent to the Dieng Plateau. To reach the pond location is not too difficult because it was in the middle of the road tour with Wonoso-Dieng has paved the road conditions. Telaga Menjer is tirta attractions of the largest lake in Wonosobo regency. Vast lake approximately 70 acres with 55 meters into the water. Here has been prepared ebrbagai other kinds of facilities ready yacht chartered for tourists around and mingle with the water pool while watching the beauty of the surrounding landscape. In this place there are also quite interesting park, campground and parking lot are very broad. Other activities you can do is fishing for tourists in the lake water are different kinds of fish in considerable amount. Pond water beside Menjer used for tourism activities is also used to drive two turbines of the Center for Water Power (hydropower), which generate electricity by 26 megawatts. The beauty of nature in the region is promising Menjer Lake to be enjoyed. The environment still looks beautiful, the topography is hilly and overgrown with pine forest, a place truly enchanting to release the fatigue and exhaustion

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