Friday, November 27, 2009

Museum tri Daya Eka Dharma,

Background and History The establishment of the museum was initiated by the Regional Commander, Brigadier General Widodo III 17/Agustus one TNI leadership in the region of West Sumatra and Riau. The museum was founded as a means of communication between generations and as the heir morale and heroic values. The idea is then followed by a Brigadier and then Soemantoro who officiate apda dated August 16, 1973. The museum is named for the Museum of Struggle Tridaya Eka Dharma, which means the three elements of strength only service. This name can be associated with the philosophy of Minang "Tigo Furnace Sajarangan". Bukittinggi chosen as the seat of this museum is due to Bukittinggi is a city that had become a struggle Provincial Capital of the State of RI Suamtera danIbukota to-3 after Jakarta and Yogyakarta at the time of the Emergency Government of the Republic of Indonesia (PDRI). This building was formerly a cottage, the Governor of Sumatra. Before this building was inaugurated renovated for Tk government assistance. West Sumatra and the military command in August III/17. Location The museum occupies a building with an area of 3000 m2 and the land area of 387.5 m2, located at Jalan Panorama No. Wood faction of District 24, District Tottori Long, District Bukittinggi, West Sumatra Province adjacent to the panorama of natural attractions. Location Map Transportation To go to the museum can be taken by land, sea, and air with the distance: - From the bus station to the museum Bukittinggi 2 km - Minangkabau International Airport to the museum 80 km - Of Bay Harbor museum Bayur to 90 km. Collection Initially owned collection is still very limited, but over time continued to be completed. Right now the main collection consists of various tools / traditional weapons, modern weapons (guns, long guns, machine guns and mortars) spoils of war from the colonial Dutch and Japanese, as well as other equipment such as aircraft radio transmitter and receiver YBJ 6, plane AT-419 B 16 Hervard duty to quell gang PRRI 1958 in West Sumatra and many more collections are arranged in vitrin and outside vitrin. In addition there are also photographs of supporters of Indonesia's independence struggle photos. Aircraft transmitter YBJ-6 is one aircraft that can carry the transmitter PTT group Bukittinggi during the two-year independence war from 1948 to 1949. The aircraft is used by the transmitter Emergency Government to deal with other areas in Indonesia and overseas, especially to India because it was representative of Indonesia in New Delhi. Data collection is complete museum Guns: 103 pieces, explosives / ammunition 73 / B, 13 kinds of communications equipment, combat aircraft: 1 fruit, 100 fruit Photo fighters. Schedule visit Museum On Tuesday - Sunday from 08.00 - 16.00 Admission prices No charge (not using the ticket). Facilities Facilities owned by the museum a. Lobby space b. Showroom c. Room Information

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