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Mojowarno Church,Jombang,East Java,Indonesia

Church Mojowarno.
Church Mojowarno is the oldest church in the eastern Indonesia region, and once had been one of the central stream of Protestant Christianity in the Dutch period. Every once a year, this church held a ceremony Kebetan and Download-download, which will packed the local culture. The church is located in the village Mojowarno Mojowarno + / - 17km south-east of the town of Jombang, 6km north of town Ngoro or 8km south Mojoagung city, East Java. Kyai the initiative of Paul Tosari (Jariyo Kasan), the early leader Mojowarno church, this church building was built starting 24 February 1879 and laying the first stone by Christina Chaterina Kruyt, zendeling Mojowarno daughter, Jan. Kruyt, until then was inaugurated on March 8, 1881 which is said to cost of 25.000 Gulden, before he died on Sunday, May 12, 1881. It is interesting that the town of Jombang city known as santri but the majority of the population in some areas Mojowarno are Christian believers who were originally opened by the Christian followers of Ngoro around 1844-46, ie in the village Mojowangi, Mojodukuh, Mojoroto and Mojojejer, especially population around the church. There inkripsi Javanese (sengkalan literature) in front of the Arch reads: "Single Gunaning Panembah Trussing" translated = 3291 (read = 1923), a sign of independence Mojowarno congregation spearheaded by the Committee Pitoyo, one Christian church movement Java. There is also a Javanese inscription on the front porch on the first line, reads: "Duh GUSTI, ingkang Sinten puruggi subjects altered? Paduka pangandikanipun gesang kagungngan lasting." The second line, reads: "YOKANAN Chapter: 6:68" The third line, reads: "Margane slamet rahhe pamenthangan." Then, together with Java churches in East Java on Friday, December 11, 1931 at the church building Mojowarno Church, inaugurated the Supreme Council, which is holding the 29th Raad pasamuwan alit (governing body) in the whole of East Java. Dutch East Indies government officially called as the Oost Javaansche Kerk, which eventually became Java Christian Greja Wetan. MA first trial was held the next day after the declaration, held in this church building, Saturday, December 12, 1931. Representing C.W. present NZG Nortier (Chairman MA), C. van Engelen, S.A. Hoogestraten and J. van Wiegers. Vice Noeroso Java Christians, Sriadi, Pdt. Driyo Mestoko, Teacher Gospel (GI) Tartib Eprayim, Poertjojo Gadroen, Jaret Parang, Raden Poeger, Raden Wiriodarmo and friends. During the Japanese occupation in Indonesia (1942-1945), division arose GKJW in the body caused by the political process of Japanese colonial practices. In the year 1943 stood Pasamuwan Raad Christian (RPK) in East Java to meet that purpose. Dualism occurs, because both RPK and MA GKJW had the same number of followers in the Christian community in East Java. After Japan surrendered to the allies, through the Supreme Court in Church Mojowarno GKJW, 4-6 August 1946 on the reconciliation done to bring the two camps had the same lead the Christians of East Java. Reconciliation had marked a holy communion service on August 5, the next day is celebrated as the Development (or more precisely Awakening) GKJW. Church liturgy Mojowarno Church still uses the Java language "Krama" until now, as the medium of the Word of God and hymns of praise. Even in celebrating Christmas and the days of religious, church members usually wear traditional clothes. Mostly elderly woman wearing kebaya, while the majority of men wearing a skull cap.

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