Friday, November 27, 2009

Museum Kendil Kemilau Emas,Dumai,Indonesia

Kandil Kemilau Gold Museum is located at Carambola Island Sub Bangkinang, Kampar regency. The museum is a new official on May 22, 1988 was on the island Carambola Bangkinang Kuok. This museum is a house-shaped house of Five Traditional Koto Kampar, built around 1900 by the late Haji Hamid. This museum is now stored in various collections of antiquities that have historical value such as pottery goods, Carpentry Tools, Agricultural Tools, Equipment fishing, art equipment, aisle equipment, commercial equipment, party equipment, etc. . In addition to these tools are stored commercial boat oar made of very strong wood from the 18th century, and a compass made of bamboo made by the people of China because the numbers are written on the compass is written in script China. There are two hundred and fifty (250) kinds of museum collections antique gold Kemilau Kandil all of which are collections that have been inherited from generation to generation as a heritage item.

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