Friday, November 27, 2009

Tawangmangu,Karanganyar,Central Java,Indonesia

Talking about the tourist attraction in the District Karanganyar, then that would appear first in the minds of tourists is an area located at the foot of Mount Lawu Tawangmangu charming, with cultural tourism and nature tourism are very different when compared with other regions in central java. Tawangmangu an altitude of 1000 meters above sea surface datas, berpanorama beautiful, with a cool climate and has been famous since the tempo doeloe family as an arena tour. Tawangmangu can be reached by public transportation from several departments such as the Solo, Sukoharjo, Klaten, and various other areas on the island of Java. From Solo To Tawangmangu only 42 Kilometers or Solo-Tawangmangu through Sarangan area with 13 kilometers distance. Specifically for public transport routes serving Tawangmangu, travel frequency approximately 40 times per day / bus. Forest Tourism Grojogan Sewu, forest locations Sign Grojogan Sewu tourism, tourists will disamput forest insect sound drumming. In sanapun tourists will menyaksikanbanyak kes monkeys hanging around waiting for tourists helping hand. dam is a very unique attractions and fun. Upon arrival the datas location, the first object encountered tourists are swimming pools for children-ana. Walk about 10 meters from the swimming pool, visitors will find a waterfall with a height Grojogan Sewu ± 80 meters. Grojogan Sewu see the beauty of a free fall from the top of the cliff with perikan water, and mist decorate. This situation will get busy again because the area covered with pine trees that grow lush and leafy. Forest tourism in some facilities are available including food stalls, hawkers, cabin monitoring and others.

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