Sunday, August 30, 2009

Karapan Sapi

Karapan Sapi is a term given to the cow race race originating from the island of Madura, East Java. In this race, pulled a pair of cows that kind of wooden trains (the jockey standing and controlling these cows pair) driven in the race against race couples other cows. Track races are usually around 100 meters and the race can race takes approximately ten to fifteen seconds. Bull racing preceded by couples paraded around the track a cow with gamelan accompaniment saronen called Madura. The first round is the determination of the winning and losing groups. The second act is the determination of the defeated champion, was the third round is the determination to win the championship. Rotating trophy given to the President only won the group championship. Bull racing beginning due to the fact that the land was so fertile Madurese not so poor for agriculture. Instead of people fishing and Madura cattle breed once used for farming, especially for plowing rice fields. One time a boy named sheik ahmad Baidawai who first introduced the cultivation by using a pair of bamboo known as Salaga Nanggala or pulled by two cows. This boy really is a propagator of Islam who came to Madura to teach how to raise rice plowing therefore he was given the title of Prince Katandur. Initial mean holding bull racing is to obtain a strong beef cows for plowing. Madura people and worked to maintain the cow in the paddy fields as soon as possible. The idea is then that raises the bull racing tradition.

Terms of beef cattle are allowed to follow bull racing is as follows:

1. Cows must have a type and color or Madura madura original.

2. Cows must be healthy and strong

3. High as 120 cm

4. Tooth teeth have been removed.

To maintain this traditional activity, the implementation of bull racing is held every year and starting from August to October. This event started from the Regent and Regency attendants, then the top event is the largest-scale fighting over the trophy Grandfinal President. Bull racing is divided into four rounds, namely: first Babk, the pair competed cow velocity in two separate groups of partners to win and lose and the group is all babk cows, both the victorious and the vanquished can compete again. The second round or round of re-election, the couple won a cow in the group will race back, so with the couple lost a cow in the group and at this stage all the pairs of groups of cows winning and losing should not be played back. The third round or the semi-final, decisive three pairs cow winners of the group winners and winners of three pairs of cows from the losing group. Kekempat round or final round, held to determine the champion I, II and III of the defeat. In this bull racing championship there are several stages of the championship, starting from the level of Assistant Regent, Regency and the last or final level of residency to fight Pila President. Great final is usually held in the city as a coordinator of the Working Pamekasan VII region of Madura with participants in the Madura District 4 is Bangkalan, Sampang, Sumenep and Pamekasan. Each district sends the winner of 6 pairs of cows.

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