Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rumah Cacak Burung

Cacak bird house is one of the Banjar traditional house (house of Banjar) in South Kalimantan, the main building extending from the front to the back wearing gable (Banjar Language: male hall roof) and then added a pyramid roof in a transverse position which covered both the Palidangan with the two buahanjungnya. Roof peak position (pamuung / wuwungan) that prevented rooftops / cross is higher than the position on the roof gable faces (Paluaran). This is a form of Cacak Burung. Cacak bird repellent is a sign of magical reinforcements in the form of the + (positive), because the plan of this building form + (plus sign), it is also called Bird Cacak house. 1. Wearing tebar Tawing display screen, called the main house.

2. Body using the main building gable (Banjar Language: male hall roof) Pamedangan covering.

3. The shape of the building to house the same size or Balai Balai Laki Bini.

4. Greeting surambi there on 4 pillars that supported the fruit front overhang (Banjar Language: karbil) who used lean roof called Sky Sindang roof.

5. On the front side wall (Tawing Front) have 1 entrance (mace before), next to the entrance there is a window to the right and left.

6. In the middle wall (Tawing halat) there are 2 doors.

7. Pamedangan called porch railing railing uses a constellation called the Cage.

8. Wing of the building (anjung) using roof shield (Banjar Language: roof elephant).

9. On the threshold of the gate Pamedangan using curved forms (Enclosure constellation Top). 10. On the front side of the wall called Front Tawing sometimes there are more than 1 entrance (mace before) but the front windows are usually omitted.

11. Sometimes 4 (four) pieces front porch pillars (karbil) contained in the Speech surambi replaced console model.

The room is a row from front to back

1. Terrace surambi called Greeting with fruit 4 pillars

2. Half-open space (verandah above) is called Pamedangan

3. Guest Room called sling trailing / Paluaran

4. Central space called the sling in / Palidangan flanked by the Right and anjung anjung kiwa

5. Pantry space is called pedapuran / ECE

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