Monday, August 31, 2009

Lompat Batu Pulau Nias

Nias District is one district in North Sumatra, which lies on the island of Nias. With Capital Gunungsitoli. Nias District has its own tourism mainstay in addition to traditional house and Dance namely war tradition Fahombo Jump Rock or the tradition carried out by a man wearing traditional clothes Nias, and leapfrog the local rock structure composed height of more than 2 (two) feet.

Centuries ago, nias island located west of Sumatra, consisting of several regions, ruled by the landlord or the commanders of war as a high nobility, noble status was not a hereditary position, a position that they get with a party to entertain the public or owasa. So the more often they hold more owasa the higher the eternal and their position in the eyes of society, and cost the party a party they get from the war booty.

To win the war nobles require strong support for the troops, so that at a certain time they open the opportunity for young men to become soldiers. For men become soldiers or members of the defense forces is a privilege, with a better income from ordinary society and provide new opportunities for the future when making their good fortune of a noble, exalted to the rank as well. Determining whether a man deserves to be a soldier, is not only determined by the ability of the standard, or merely a physical form of martial arts and black studies, but the final determination, they are tested must be able to jump a tall stone structure 2.3 m, without touching the surface slightest.

Besides the physical and mental test for eligible youth the war, this tradition also Fahombo considered as a requirement for those who are ready to get married, because for those who do not successfully jump over the stone is considered not appropriate for a girl's hand in marriage. Once famous jumping rock tradition makes this tradition has enshrined the pieces of money a dollar at the beginning of the 1990s with a picture of a man who was jumping Nias memorial stone.

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