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Sekaten or ceremony Sekaten (derived from the word Syahadatein) is the anniversary of Prophet Muhammad held on the 5th of each month Mulud Java (early Rabi 'al-Hijra) in the square of Yogyakarta (and also in the square at the same Surakarta). This ceremony was once used by the Sultan Hamengkubuwono I, founder of the palace of Yogyakarta to invite the public to follow and embrace Islam. On the first day, the ceremony begins at night with a procession of servants Dalem (mandarin palace), together with two sets of Javanese Gamelan: Kyai Kyai Nogowilogo and Gunturmadu. This procession starts from the hall of the Great Mosque Ponconiti towards the north of the square, escorted by soldiers of the Palace. Kyai Nogowilogo will occupy the north side of the Grand Mosque, while Kyai Gunturmadu Pagongan will be in the south of the mosque. Both sets of "gamelan" to be played simultaneously until the date 11 months Mulud for 7 consecutive days. On the last night, the "gamelan" will be brought back into the Kingdom. Grebeg Muludan Sekaten highlight warning is marked with Muludan Grebeg held on 12th (just in the birthday of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him) started at 8:00 in the morning. Escorted by 10 soldiers of the Palace: Wirobrojo, Daeng, Patangpuluh, Jogokaryo, Prawirotomo, Nyutro, Ketanggung, Mantrijero, Surokarso, and the Bugis, a Mount made from glutinous rice, food and fruits and vegetables will be taken from sayuan palace Kemandungan past and Cultural Sitihinggil towards Grand Mosque. After Gunungan dido'akan symbolizing prosperity Mataram kingdom was distributed to the public who consider that part of the Mount will be a blessing for them. Part of the sacred Mount will be brought home and planted in the rice / paddy fields so that they become fertile and free from all kinds of disaster and catastrophe. Two days before the event Grebeg Muludan, a ceremony was held at Tumplak Wajik Magangan courtyard at 16:00 pm. The ceremony is a song or game kotekan using rafters, mortar to pound rice, and the like which marked the beginning of creation which will be led Mount during the event Grebeg Muludan later. Songs played in this event Wajik Tumplak is such a popular Javanese song: It looks Lompong, Tundhung Satan, Owal awil, or folk songs more.

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