Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kawasan Wisata Karst

In Wonogiri landscape so beautiful. Tourist attraction not only Wonogiri District Reservoir Elephant Mungkur (WGM). To attract tourists to the Wonogiri, has made breakthroughs. One of them by building a museum in the world karst Pracimantoro Gebangharjo Wonogiri. Kars region sewu mountain stretches of beach Parangtritis, in Bantul district until the district bay Pacitan Pacitan. Kars area approximately 18.6% of the total area of natural karst Wonogiri.Bentang district in Wonogiri regency composed by different origin-up that involves dissolving limestone. Symptoms of dissolving or better known as karstifikasi was developed on the surface (eksokarst) and below the surface (endokarst). In this area can be found in the karst karren, conical hills, sinusoidal, causeway, Pepino, doplina, Uvala, Polje, pond, dry river valleys of ancient Bengawan Solo, ponora, caves and others.

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