Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Telaga Remis

Telaga Remis is one of the objects of nature tourism in the Regency of Kuningan. Telaga remis a lake that is located in the Village Kaduela, Kuningan, ± 37 km distance from the center of Kuningan. The name is taken from the lake mussel animals, a kind of yellow shells which living around the lake.

There is a pond that is 8: Telaga Leat, Telaga Nilem, Telaga Deleg, Situ Salintang Ayu, Telaga Leutik, Telaga Buruy, Telaga Tespong, and Sumur Jalatunda

Talaga Remisl is a mix between natural witchcraft pergunungan forests and crystal clear water talaga, like clear glass supported pergunungan cool air to berwana challenging tour reveals the mystery of the forest

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