Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sentren Girimanik

Girimanik tourism is nature tourism that tube cool and natural scenery is very beautiful. In tourist areas there are 3 pieces waterfall waterfall called Moyo a mempunyi Manik 70 meters height, the waterfall Tinjo Moyo who has a height 30 meters, and Condromoyo Waterfall. Not far from Manik Moyo Waterfall is a place sacred relic or petilasan Raden Mas Said, known as the Stone of sage. Wangan implant is a ritual ceremony held every Saturday in every month kliwon large place in Setren Girimanik Tourism Object, Slogohimo District. The ceremony was an expression of thanksgiving to the Creator by the people who benefit from good water for their daily needs as well as for agriculture. Procession ritual meant, after a ceremony held for safety, the community together to clean water flowing from mountain springs to kedesa with the expectation that selau water flow and benefit the community. In addition to the ceremony also served a variety of art events to enliven the ceremony.

NAME TOUR: Tour Destinations Girimanik Setren

ADDRESS: Village Setren, Girimanik Kec. Slogohimo

FACILITIES: - Toilet, mosque, parking

LOCATION MAP: This tour object in district areas. Slogohimo with distance (40 Km) can be reached by about 2 hours with a smooth road conditions.

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