Sunday, January 31, 2010

Aek Matrua Waterfalls,Riau,Indonesia

Aek Martua Waterfall This is one of the leading tourist attractions in the district of Rokan Hulu (Rohul) Riau Province of Indonesia. Aek Martua is the name of a river in the Village District Tangun Bangun Purba and Aek Martua Waterfall is the highest waterfall of the many waterfalls found along the river upstream. Simalombu hill is the name of this region which is the status of natural forests Forest Park with the potential for hundreds of cubic tree. Martua Aek name comes from the tribe Mandailing which means Water of Power, where the majority of these villagers are mandailing tribe.

Location Aek Martua waterfall in the Bukit Barisan mountain areas in Rokan Hulu regency. Aek Waterfall Martua has its own unique and distinctive because it has three levels. Aek-in-law has a fascinating landscape. The water is clear like bottled mineral water, it makes delicious eye could see. In addition to being a tourist attraction, now this Martua Aek, has also become the object of research by a State University in Pekanbaru.

To visit the waterfall this Martua Aek you from Pekanbaru - Sand Pengaraian (L300 or ride transit Superban Rp. 35,000) falls in Simpang Tangun. Then ride transportation to the type of Tangun oplet and Omprengan Rp. 5000. At the entrance to this tourist attraction began over the suspension bridge and trail in the plantation society far more than 3, 5 km, then through the forest area of more or less as far as 3 km. rise and fall is fairly steep and beautiful scenery. Panorama natural forests will accompany us to the waterfall this Martua Aek.

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