Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Congot Beach,Yogyakarta,Indonesia

Congot beach tourism is the beach best visited after the bertandang Glagah Beach. Both beaches were closely spaced and connected by a smooth asphalt road within easy enough even to use bicycles. Located in the Village Jangkaran, Temon District, Kulon Progo, Beach Congot citizen activities center around which the livelihood of fishing.

Beautiful scenery to be found even when you are still on the way to this beach. Along the road that connects with Wates Congot coast, you can can see the green paddy field and village activities in Kulon Progo generally become farmers. Like the plains near the coast in other areas, the roads to the beach Congot also decorated by rows of coconut trees.

Congot beach has its own charm than the other beaches for fishermen and fishing nuances so strong. Along the shoreline, you can see the activities of local people and local tourist favorite fishing satisfying. In the other corner, there are fishermen who were fishing on the beach, destroying small crab shells attached to the mesh or clean the boat.

If fond of fishing activities or fishing, you can satisfy it at this beach. Simply bring memacing equipment, you can try out luck to get the fish. If you do not have a fishing pole, you can use small nets and along the beach looking for fish. Visit with colleagues and fishing together will be fun activities and familiarizing.

Although not so many in number, a number of local people to open small stalls selling seafood as the main menu. Enjoy looking at the activities of the fishermen would give a different feel than if it enjoyed in the restaurant downtown. Delicious smell of fried and grilled fish will soon catch the nose when the meal was cooked, inviting mood to enjoy it immediately.

To visit the Beach Congot, you do not have to pay additional fees. A visit to this beach are included in the tour ticket to the Glagah Beach. Location Beach Congot very close to the beach Glagah certainly reason enough to visit. Fishermen and fisheries nuances so strong that it makes the beach and still have the particularity can not be equated with Glagah Beach.

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