Sunday, January 31, 2010

Festival Sia Manda from Papua,Irian Jaya,Indonesia

Cultural "Sia Manda", Dance Festival for Peace in Lake Sentani, Jayapura, Papua

Each region has a traditional dance and of course has its own meaning. Manda is a waste of village customary Kwadewar, District Waibu - Sentani. Sia said Manda in the West Sentani language is 'Dance of Peace'. This dance is performed only at a certain moment moment-like Yomo Yau party or parties Waku Meyau village and can only be executed on the orders Ondoafi.

Manda own Sia performed as a form of peace between man and the universe, the peace that told the story of love, peace in generating the origin of a birth.

The dance itself, does not necessarily performed directly, but through the various stages of preparation, for example, preparing a dance attributes, such as drums and carvings and more. And that's only one eye prepared in house (Marga) certain, but it can also be assisted by those involved but it was done in homes that have been shown in accordance with customary rules.

After all preparations have been done as a condition of bringing the dance, then the next runner Ondoafi come see, and report back to Ondoafi, and if Ondoafi agree, the dance team began mementaskannya.

Manda Sia dances are usually performed in a few days or even more than a week, depending on the decision Ondoafi.

Ondoafi is a high degree among the people of Papua, because it has a big responsibility in a village. The appointment they were not arbitrary. The reason, they must come from the descendants / caste is recognized by generations.

The inauguration was marked with the provision of bird decorated noken Cenderawasih (identify) to the new Ondoafi as a symbol of respect from the commoners to Ondoafinya. Also Ondoafi and his wife are given noken contains areca (Dawood) and then climbed into the under-the adat (obe) and then distributed.

This is symbolized when later it was official then serving as Ondoafi Ondoafi and the wife should have the character of love to protect people and help people who need it without exception.

Manda Sia dances are shown on the Lake Sentani Festival, held on the shore of the lake Kalkote, Nolokta village, joined the dance performed. And there are 8 villages in the West Sentani turn this dance.

The purpose of the implementation of the Lake Sentani Cultural Festival is to preserve the cultural values of local communities, glue the sense of unity and cohesion among indigenous villages (Ondoafi), as well as attractions and make the attraction of tourism activities that eventually the people will prosper. Through this festival activities to make Jayapura as cultural and tourism city.

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