Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tradisi Bakar Tongkang from Bagan Siapi Api,Sumatera,Indonesia

Public ritual of descent Tinghoa Bakr Barge in Bagan Siapiapi, Rokan Hilir,

Ritual Bakar Tongkang is the only cultural traditions and ethnic customs in the coastal Tionghoa Bagansiapi-api. This tradition originated from earlier ancestors, where there are 3 large ships (in the words wither called "barges") who sailed from China (China) to mainland Nusantara. But amid shipwrecks 2nd trip amid the sea, so that left over 1 ship finally docked Coastal area of Riau, precisely in Bagansiapi-fire, Rokan Hilir. According to belief, the god ordered the crew to settle down in Bagansiapi-fire and as a community safety order Tionghoa remain prosperous life with the new area and did not return to homelands,.And the tradition that symbolizes harmony between the ethnic wither life and this Tionghoa held annually
Bakar Tingkang tradition which is held every year since this reform era, now a tourist agenda, and attended by thousands of people Tionghoa derived either from the homeland and abroad.

Bakar Tongkang done before, the day before the religious ritual activities at the oldest temple in Bagan Siapiapi Ing Hok King, as he drives along the barge made of paper.

Barge was silenced last night in the temple and the next day burned on a new esplanade. The ritual itself is meaningful seek his fortune for the derivatives business in 2006 Tionghoa this.

If the mast was burned over the fall to the sea, then made the business directed to the sea and vice versa when the mast toppled to the ground is more business conducted on the mainland.

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