Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sesuguhan Tradition from Kalimantan,Indonesia

Sesuguh is a tradition that is believed by the public. Sesuguh are starting a tradition for the community reinforcement Tempatan (Dayak) with all the rituals and requirements that must be followed by everyone who live near there.Sesuguh is ritual forms that appeal to Almighty God for their conduct in the work-in away from (accident) and interference beings smooth (Unseen)such like ghost

Of these activities include gathering requirements for the ritual activities of various kinds of food (wadei: local term) consisting 7 types / kinds, black cock and white, egg, and yellow rice. All food / wadei is done by mothers in work together and fathers make Bale (shaped like houses) are made of wood and board, and given the red-yellow-green color and a picture of the eaves of birds hornbills. Also make as much shelf consisting of three large and 1 small 2. This shelf is a place serving food or to be placed wadei in a place that is considered haunted (dwelling spirits) that have been determined by a (traditional healer) who is believed to lead the ritual event.

This Tradition is tradition Sesuguh dayak culture that must be preserved as a form of manifestation of their ancestral beliefs in order not lost in modern culture.

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