Sunday, January 31, 2010

Selat Lembeh,North Sulawesi,Indonesia

Selat Lembeh is a favorite tourist attractions for fans of underwater tourism. Various flora and fauna such as the colorful coral reefs and fascinating marine fauna would invite the clicking sound admiration for anyone who saw it. For your information, Lembeh Strait waters in the region including South Bitung district, municipality Bitung, North Sulawesi Province. This fascinating waters known to the diversity of invertebrates, especially from the Echinodermata.

Flora and fauna in the Lembeh Strait is very charming. Various fish fascinating, colorful coral reefs and marine animals such as octopus, Banggai Cardinalfish, squid, clams, colorful, Mandarin Fish, lion fish with bright colors, and also various other flora and fauna that would make you feel at home for long under the sea. Hmmm ... fascinating, is not it?

Questions and other lodging facilities, you do not need to worry. This resort has many lodging facilities that support, such as the Black Sand Dive Retreat, Lembeh sdq, confines Bay Resort, Lembeh Resort, Divers Lodge Lembeh, Lembeh Bastianos, Makawidey Resort, Kasawari Resort, Lembeh Hills, and others.

Lembeh Strait which is one of the favorite diving places in the world is so fascinating. The beauty and uniqueness as well as marine flora and fauna diversity in the Lembeh Strait is will never be forgotten.

The uniqueness and beauty, the colorful flora and fauna, as well as charm, will surely make you fall in love with Lembeh Strait.

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