Sunday, January 31, 2010

Berburu Cumi Cumi di Makassar,South Sulawesi,Indonesia

Finding the squid is a fun activity for people in the group of coral islands in the waters Spermonde Makassar.

Typically, the activities carried out for squid on the full moon night, when the moon was full with a silvery light.

Several islands in the archipelago located Spermonde, among others Kodingareng Keke Island, Kodingareng Island, Island Barrang Lompo, Barrang Caddi Island, and Samalona Island.

Catch squid or activities in Makassar language is called "Pa` doang-doang "that eventually became a tradition for coastal communities in a number of islands around the city of Makassar.

When hunting the squid, there are people who do it themselves, many of them hunting together. They beburu squid using a small boat or "lepa-lepa". Boat size average length of three meters and 30 centimeters wide. Lepa-lepa outrigger equipped.

Area catch them, especially around the island and Kodingareng Keke Kodingareng. Waters in the shallow area, with an average depth of three meters and is approximately 30 meters from the coast Kodingareng Island.

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