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Masjid Al Osmani,Medan,North Sumatra,Indonesia

If you take a trip to Medan, North Sumatra,so take the time to visit this historic place which is also a proof of the triumph of Islam in the land of the deli. Historic sites was called Masjid Al Osmani, who was also known by most people with the name of Medan Labuhan Mosque.

Mosque is located about 20 kilometers north of Medan was one of the Kingdom of heritage Melayu Deli in the 19th century AD. There is no charge for entry to places of worship are also a tourist attraction located at Jalan KL Yos Sudarso, Kelurahan Labuhan week, Medan Labuhan district.

The oldest mosque in the city of Medan was built in 1854 by King Deli the seventh, namely Natural Mighty Osman sultan using wood materials selection. Then in 1870 until 1872 the mosque, made of wood was built to be permanent by the sultan Osman's son, the sultan Mahmud Perkasa Alam who also became King Deli eighth.

On the inside of the mosque that can accommodate 500 worshipers that there are four large and sturdy pole that serves as the main buffer belonging to the mosque dome larger than the other mosque dome.

Four buffer also means respecting four prophetic nature, which means that Sidiq true, which means that trust can be trusted, which means fathonah smart, and sermons convey meaning.

Until now, other than use as a place of worship, the mosque was also used as a place of commemoration and celebration of religious holidays and points to the guest-house pilgrims coming from the north field.

Meanwhile, the waqf mosque graveyard also contains five deli king's tomb were buried the lord chief Pasutan (King Deli IV), Lord Commander Wahid axle (King Deli V), sultan Amaluddin Perkasa Alam (King Deli VI), sultan Osman Mighty Nature, and sultan Mahmud Perkasa Alam.

On the other side of the mosque, first, there Melayu Deli Palace. Royal palace was built when the lord chief royal center Pasutan move from Padang Datar, as of Medan at the time, the Kampung Alai, called for Labuhan Deli.

The transfer was done after Tuanku Panglima Padrab Muhammad Fadli (King Deli III) territories split into four parts for four sons.

Lord reign of the Commander Royal Palace Pasutan with Malays in Labuhan Deli took place in 1728-1761, which was then picked his son Lord Commander axle Wahid (1761-1805) and the sultan Amaluddin Perkasa Alam (1805-1850).

Then the sultan Osman Perkasa Alam (1850-1858), sultan Mahmud Perkasa Alam (1858-1873), and the sultan Ma'mum Al Rashid Perkasa Alam (1873-1924).

During the sultan Ma'mum Al Rashid Perkasa Alam Melayu Palace was moved back to the area with the construction of Padang Datar Maimun Palace on August 26, 1888 and completed May 18, 1891. Followed by construction of Masjid Raya Al Mashun in 1907 and completed on September 10, 1909.

This was done after the Kingdom of Malays in Labuhan Deli Dutch-controlled, ie when the work was led by the sultan Mahmud Perkasa Alam.

The King was forced to give part of their area into land concessions to the colonists in 1863 for planting tobacco deli.

Now, Masjid Al Osmani is historical evidence of the triumph of a long journey Malays in Medan. The building was until now still standing strong.

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