Sunday, January 31, 2010

Taman Perjuangan Kota, Palangkaraya,Kalimantan,Indonesia

Visiting Park City Struggle in Palangkaraya

The atmosphere of the heat treated as it passed in a park in the city of Palangkaraya. This Park is clean, hygiene and shade on the edge of the park, attracted to come to the park to rest and relax for a moment.

Park City or Park Struggle, so the park is usually called. Its location in the city center, close to the governor's office of Central Kalimantan province.

Not only neatness and cleanliness of the park are attractive, but the uniqueness is a chronological reliefs Indonesian struggle, since the National Awakening, May 20, 1908 until the construction of five years.

This park is called Park Struggle fit, to remind people of the struggle undertaken by our predecessors, to seize and maintain the independence of the Indonesian nation.

What's interesting to see relief of Youth Pledge, October 28, 1928. In the visible relief of 5 people together bepergangan, raising his hand, with different types of clothing depicting the ethnic and cultural diversity of Indonesia, but remain united in the unity of the State of the Republic of Indonesia. Water landless one, a nation, one, and a single-language, Indonesia.

With this relief visualization showing the struggle of the child, the right to park is also visited the community, both students, youth, students, to parents. Because it's easier to remember and feel the spirit of the national struggle over the image and visualization, is also considering the struggle that occurred chronologically.

As relief into the era of independence in 1945, when Indonesia declared independence nation, the garuda bird statue and a stone beneath the script reads the proclamation, which mengingtakan us to be grateful for what we get independence.

Struggle park was established March 23, 1987, by Mrs. L. Soetanto, Minister for the Role of Women at that time. But the condition is maintained and well-organized, so keep msyarakat interest to visit.

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