Sunday, January 31, 2010

Makam Raja Raja Ramba,Pekan Baru,Riau,Indonesia

Tomb of the Kings Rambah is a complex place bersemayamnya Rambah Kings located in the village of kumu about 9 km from Pengarayan Sand City (Capital City Rokan Hulu) and go about 100 yards from the provinces with semenisasi road conditions. This area is the former royal Complex Rambah the last, there are several tombs of the famous King Rambah.

Going to the haunted atmosphere of this memorable because of the tombs have been covered a large timber, there is a king's tomb is protected by Rambah veins fig wood so grave as the base is located in the timber so that the pilgrims to see the tomb should be ducked into grain fabric of the fig.

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