Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pasar Petisah Medan,North Sumatra,Indonesia

Not complete it when visiting a city if not stopped by the traditional market. Market Petisah become one of the people's economic heart of Medan. Although any mall in Medan has a lot of standing, but the existence of traditional markets is still much-loved community. Market consists of two floors this is fairly complete as a traditional market in Jakarta. This market is within easy reach of many public transport available to take you back here. Not only basic needs such as basic foods have in here, there are also sellers embroidery.
In this Petisah market we can find a variety of needs, ranging from vegetables, salted fish, to clothing, and electronic equipment. Electronic goods, apparel, and furniture were upstairs, while the sellers of vegetables and fruits are in the basement. In this market, too many which sell their unique handicrafts of North Sumatra as necklaces, bracelets, woven bags, wooden statues, etc. For embroidery crafts and kebaya location occupies the first floor and some are outside the market near the parking lot, so quite easy to reach.

Kebaya and the embroidery here is not less beautiful to the one in the boutique. The price is affordable, with 300 thousand dollars was to carrying kebaya with the right pieces in the body.

If you are also a big fan of candied fruit here you can get from a variety of candied fruits such as guava, salak, mango, etc. kedondong. These sweets are usually sold perkilo, one kilo of guava Rp.12.000 average, -. The place is a unique selling sweets in hinggapi by many bees, bees proved it's going to take honey, so multi-functional. Sweets on offer fairly safe because without preservatives.

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