Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tari Tor Tor from North Sumatera,Indonesia

Dance to the office of his movement is a dance rhythm with a musical accompaniment (Margondang) who played with musical instruments such as gondang traditional, flute, trumpet hobo, and others. According to the history of dance tor-tor used in rituals associated with spirits, which spirits are summoned and "entered" into the stone statues (a symbol of the ancestors), then the statue is like a dance move but the movements stiff. Movements include leg movements (tiptoe, tiptoe) and hand movements. Types of dance tor-tor vary, there is the so-called tortor Pangurason (dance cleansing). This dance is usually held at a large party which first cleaned the place and location of the party before the party began to be away from danger by using lime. There are also tor-tor Sipitu Petri (Dance of the seven bowls). This dance usually performed at the inauguration of a king, this dance is also from the 7th heaven girls shower disebuah mountaintop lake pusuk buhit along with the arrival piso sipitu sasarung (seven knife sheath). Then tor-tor is a Panaluan Single ritual culture. Usually performed when a disaster-stricken village, then the date panaluan danced by the shaman to be guided solutions to solve the problem. For a single rod is panaluan magic combination of Banua Natolu Debata Gijjang (Upper World), Banua Tonga (Middle) and Banua Toru (Under World) Tor-Tor on today for Batak people are no longer just assumed with the spirit world, but it became a art for Tor Tor-culture becomes a tool in every activity Batak indigenous people.

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