Friday, September 25, 2009

Botanical Garden Samarinda

Botanical Garden Samarinda, is the name of the forest area owned by Education Mulawarman University. This area was once the concession area CV Wood Mahakam (Ali Akbar Afloes) which in 1974 handed over area of 300 hectares within its concession at Chalk Mountain area to the Rector of the University Mulawarman (R. Sambas Wirakusumah) to manage the Forest Conservation / Garden Raya. This was later confirmed by the Governor of East Kalimantan Province and Head of the East Kalimantan forestry service time. In 1997, Mayor of Samarinda is also strengthening the status of the area as Forest Mulawarman University Education. This forest area was formerly used by the University Mulawarman, such as student field practice area, location of research and gathering of research and academic arenas Fahutan Unmul. And after the signing of the charter of cooperation between the Government Mulawarman University Samarinda, the area now named Samarinda and Botanical Gardens are in the stage complete recreational facilities and infrastructure in the region. Currently Samarinda Botanical Garden is managed by the Botanic Gardens Unit and Education Forest University Mulawarman are in a correction phase and the addition of facilities and infrastructure for recreation. Samarinda City Government has invested approximately 1.7 billion dollars for the construction of physical buildings in the area. Will also be entered in the region, the Special Allocation Fund Reforestation Fund for 156.8 million dollars for rehabilitation in the region. And until now has awakened the gate post at the entrance, meeting room, the fence around the lake and some other physical building.

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