Sunday, September 27, 2009

Museum Pos Indonesia

Museum Pos Indonesia is at Jalan Cilaki No. 73, Bandung. Not hard to find this museum because of its location together with Gedung Sate. Precisely in the east wing of the government center building with West Java Province. Exhibition space consists of two floors. First floor is lower than the ground surface was divided into several rooms. There is a collection of hundreds of thousands of stamps at home and abroad exhibited, but there are also exhibited a variety of mock historical objects related to the post and the post methods and equipment from time to time. Some stamp collection were displayed in wooden planks that covered the glass so they can be enjoyed immediately. However, there are some collections that can only be seen with the help of officers for the collection was placed on boards together vertically. Brief boards were put together like wooden cabinets with a size of 1.5 meters x 1 meter x 2.5 meters. There are a few "closet" on the floor. Each cabinet equipped with iron bars and locked. Each side of the board contains information on the country of origin stamp. Visitors just choose the name of the desired state, then the board was pulled out. These stamps are very old and rare. In this museum paintings also installed the world's first postage stamp, "The Penny Black". Stamps was originally published in 1840 in the UK with a picture of Queen Victoria's head. Not far from painting a picture maker, a British tax office worker named Sir Rowland Hill. There was also explained that before there was a stamp, mailing costs are borne by the recipient. This way and then stopped because there was an incident that sent a letter refusing to accept to avoid the obligation to pay. If the first stamps in the world just a painting, the museum's first postage stamp collections stored Indonesia. Wine-red stamps with a picture of King William III was published in the Dutch Indies Government on April 1, 1864. Nominal price was 10 cents. Letter kings On the ground floor of the museum there are also various postal equipment over the centuries. Include various forms of mailbox is collected from the entire archipelago. Other ancient collection is an old iron wagon used to transport mail from the post office to the train station. There are many other collections, such as old photographs and sculptures that showed activity perposan Indonesia from time to time. Unfortunately, all the collections in the form of immovable objects. Need to play historical imagination that post was more impressive. Museum Pos Indonesia Address: Jl. Cilaki No. 73 Bandung Wetan Tel.: 022.4206195

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