Saturday, September 26, 2009

Taman Raya Bung Hatta,West Sumatera

Taman Raya Bung Hatta (TRBH) is a natural reserve areas of primary forest of West Sumatra which serves to preserve germplasm, natural resource protection, education and research, guidance and love of nature as well as a place of recreation. Part TRBH Kerinci Seblat National Park. Determined by Presidential Decree. 35 in 1986. Extensive covering the whole area 70 thousand hectares, with the configuration of the landscape light waves, rather steep to steep and hilly with the height of 300 meters to 200 meters above sea level. In the area of 14 fruit TRBH flowing river, some of which lead to Padang, such as the Batang Arau, Batang Kuranji, and Cold Air Batang. TRBH is a 'heaven' that promises a tropical landscape of the undulating and steep, covered by a wide variety of tropical plants that are still original and is inhabited by hundreds of animal species typical of the island of Sumatra. Unique conditions make this region as a field cruise and wildlife observation. In this area there are 352 species of flora and 170 species of protected fauna.

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