Friday, September 25, 2009

Wasaka Museum

Wasaka Museum is a museum of popular struggle in South Kalimantan. Wasaka abbreviation of Nipples Ka Waja Until that is the motto of popular struggle in South Kalimantan. The museum is located at the Raft House Banjar homes that have been converted from residential to enable the museum as a traditional building conservation. Located in Gang H. Andir, Kampung Kenanga Ulu, Kelurahan Jingah River, District of North Banjarmasin, Banjarmasin.
In the museum was inaugurated on 10 November 1991 was, there were approximately 400 historical objects in the Revolutionary War period .. Some things that can be seen in this museum include various types of weapons used by fighters in the Banjar physical revolution of 1945-1949. Like the spear, saber, rifle, and mortar

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