Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yosim Pancar dance from Papua

Yosim Pancar Dance (Yospan) is a friendship dance in Biak Numfor. This dance is more than one person with basic movement energetic, dynamic and interesting, such as gas transmit, Gale-gale, Jef, Pacul Three, Right and others.This dance uese to use yospan guitar, jukelele, and homemade stringbass. Jewelry and accessories that are used are made from local materials, such as the sago palm leaves, palm tree root fibers and the like. Rhythm and song of this dance can invoke the power and give breath to dance, such as providing certain symbols of love songs, songs about the beauty of nature and so on. Throw Yosim dance is not a traditional dance, contemporary dance but were modified with a variety of folk dances.

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