Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wana Wisata Jayagiri

WW Jayagiri 7ha broadly according to forest management administration, including KPH Bandung Utara, BKPH Lembang, Lembang Kabupaten Bandung District. This ecotourism and situated at an altitude of around 1250-1500m above sea level, the field configuration is generally uneven. This region has a rainfall 2.700mm/th with temperatures between 18-29C. Ecotourism consists of mixed forest plantations (pine, flower and so on) the water resources of the spring which is currently used for kepeluan visitors. Lanserkap visual potentials in the region of particular interest is the forest plantations and natural forests in the mountain air. Ecotourism is used for daily tours with activities that can be done is a cross-country picnic hiking and fishing. Facility tours are available this ecotourism location is the gate, parking, information boards / petunujuk, guardhouse, paths, shelters, rescue equipment and trash. Condition of these facilities are generally still in good condition. Ecotourism can be achieved from Sub Lembang (2km) Cimahi (17km) and from the Regency / municipality of Bandung (17km) Subang (52km) Jakarta (200km). Road conditions are generally good and paved so that it can pass the vehicle 2 or 4 wheels, public transport facilities available in the form of wagon / sado and Colts.

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