Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kyai Langgeng Park, Magelang, East Java

Kyai Langgeng is a name derived from the name of one of his fighters under the leadership of Prince Diponegoro, one of Indonesian heroes who fought bravely won independence against the Dutch during the war Diponegoro (1825 - 1830). Basic dijadikannya a park by using the name since the late Kyai Langgeng, buried in this area. Tomb is still there and preserved until today. Taman Kyai Langgeng Cempaka is located on the street, only 1 Km from the center of Magelang. Trips to the park is a special thrill. In addition to the park is neatly laid out, it was a lot of pleasure with a unique bid-owned uniqueness and other facilities available in it. A stunning landscape charm that can fill the "emptiness of the soul" the audience perfectly. Owned tourism potential Kyai Langgeng Park reliable. This park collects a variety of different flora and fauna of rare tropical. There are double cempaka (Mycelia Campaca), the god of emergency (Eugenia Sp), apple bludru (Diospiros rabbola), Nagasari (Mesua ferrea), Matoa (Pometia Pinata ireigfost), ruser (Arthocarpus Sp), lobbying (Flacouritia inermis Roxb), Keben (Baringtonia asiatica) The nuts (Aleurites Moluceana), Kenari (Canarium Commune) and many more. It feels natural atmosphere in this park, as visitors brought "back to nature" (back to nature). In the green garden have animals such as snakes from pitron Kedung Ombo, bird eagle mambrukm (Falconidae) squirrels, monkeys, deer, partridge and some other animals. There are more unique and unusual that is, two catfish are old enough age. Catfish males aged about 24 years more and catfish females aged approximately 54 years Taman Kyai Langgeng with facilities that are owned, boasts a bright air of comfort with the sun always shines, beautiful natural views and stunning, natural hospitality. This all makes it a paradise garden, combination of natural grace and man-made. If, visitors interested in history, nature, sports or just bersantaim, Taman Kyai Langgeng provide for all people.

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