Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kawah Putih Ciwidey,West Java

Kawah Putih or White crater is a crater lake of Mount Patuha with altitude 2434 meters above sea level with temperatures between 8-22 ° C. At the peak of Mount Patuha crater when it is, when is low tide in the Sundanese language, which is on the west and the White crater below 2194 meters in altitude above sea level. Both craters were formed by eruptions that occurred at about X and XII century ago. White crater is located about 46 km from the city of Bandung or 35 km from the capital of Bandung regency, Soreang, toward Ciwidey. Mount Patuha said to have originated from the name of the Old Man or "Patua". Local communities is often called the Mount Sepuh. Formerly the local people consider the area and the crater of Mount White Patuha this as a haunted area, no one dared to touch or to get there. Presumably because angkernya, any bird flying over the crater will die. Mystery of the White crater lake beauty was revealed in 1837 by a researcher at the German-born Dutch botanist, Dr. Junghuhn Franz Wilhelm (1809-1864) who conducted research in this area. A scientist Junghuhn simply do not trust local stories. As he traveled through the wilderness research Mount Patuha, he finally found a beautiful crater lake. Like a mountain crater, from the lake bursts out of lava flows of gas and sulfur smell and the nose piercing. From it was revealed that the content is very high sulfur that causes the birds are reluctant to fly across the top surface of the crater lake White. Because the content of sulfur in the crater lake is very high, at the time of the Dutch government had built the plant with a sulfur Zwavel Ontgining 'Crater White'. Then the Japanese era, the business was continued under the name White crater that Kenzanka Gokoya Ciwidey under direct military control of Japan. Area around the White crater there are several ancestral tombs, including graves Satru Keep Grandmother, Grandmother Sadena cavity, Head Grandmother, Grandmother Ngabai, Barabak Grandmother, Grandmother basin, and Grandmother Jambrong. One of the top of the Peak of Mount Patuha Kapok, was the place where the ancestors of the meeting was led by Jaga Satru Grandmother. That said, this place looks magical, sometimes in a set of white fluffy sheep by sheep called lukutan community. White Crater Lake has a characteristic and unique ways. Kawahnya water in the lake can change color, sometimes green apple bluish when the hot sun and fine weather, sometimes also the color of milk chocolate. Most often seen in white water with a thick mist over the surface of the crater. In addition to the crater surface is white, sand and rocks around it were predominantly white, hence the crater is called the White crater. Go to Crater White . White Crater tourist attraction opened starting at 07.00 and closed at 17.00, every day Monday through Sunday. Facilities for visitors around the White crater is sufficient with the parking lots, transit transport to the crater, information, mushala, and food stalls. To get there, visitors from Jakarta can pass Cipularang toll continues to exit toward Soreang Kopo south to the town Ciwidey. Around 20 - 30 minutes from the city Ciwidey visible sign of entry into the tourist entrance to the White crater in the left side of the road. White crater to get to the entrance area of the tourist White Crater recommended use vehicles, do not walk because of slightly uphill road and far enough away, which is about 5.6 km or about 10 - 15 minutes drive. Public transportation from Bandung to Ciwidey can be found in Terminal or Leuwi Garden Kalapa length. Once on the City Ciwidey then continued the journey by using the rural transportation purposes Patengan Situ. Rural transportation to this Patengan Situ objects through tourism in the area of Plantation Ciwidey Strawberry, White Crater, Ranch Upas, & hot water pool Cimanggu. To be able to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding area and Ciwidey it is not enough for one day.

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